In April 2018, the TPPC Executive Committee approved the proposal to allocate up to $20,000 in the FY2019 budget for TPPC members to travel to pesticide-related trainings for the current project year.

In October 2018, the Executive Committee set aside an additional $10,000 for up to three TPPC members to participate in EPA’s Regulator in Residence (RIR) Program. The goal of the RIR program is to foster communication between the Office of Pesticide Programs (OPP) and pesticide program managers of participating states, tribes, and territories. (Note: TPPC members would need to meet EPA’s eligibility criteria in order to participate.) RIR shall be included in mention of “pesticide-related forums” mentioned below.


  1. The TPPC member sends a funding request to UCDE through the online portal and attaches the forum agenda.
  2. UCDE confers with the TPPC Project Officer on the request, who shall be responsible for gathering information from the Regional office, if necessary.
  3. The EPA Project Officer applies threshold criteria for approval (e.g., does the forum have significant pesticide-related content? does the forum relate to the TPPC member’s work?, is there a benefit to the TPPC? is the individual meeting their workplan commitments?, etc.) The EPA Project Officer sends UCDE its recommendation for travel funding.
  4. UCDE notifies the TPPC Chair/Vice Chair of the request along with EPA’s recommendation for travel funding.

a) If EPA-approved, UCDE invites Chair/Vice Chair for input, to be returned in a timely manner. The Chair/Vice Chair may confer with the Executive Committee on the request, if desired.

b) If EPA-approved and there is no contrary feedback from the Chair/Vice Chair, then UCDE notifies requester and provides travel planning instructions.

c) If not EPA-approved, the Project Officer will substantiate their decision and UCDE to advise the Chair/Vice Chair and requester.


  1. A complete and accurate request for funding must submitted by the TPPC member and received by UCDE at least eight (8) weeks prior to the proposed date of travel.
  2. Air travel reservations must be completed via the UCDE travel agent at least five (5) weeks prior to the proposed travel date. Travelers must use the UCD travel agent to ensure travel is compliant with UC travel policies.
  3. Travel funding for these forums shall only be provided in cases where alternative travel funding is not available.
  4. UCDE will pay in advance the TPPC member’s airfare. The traveler will need to pay out of pocket for their lodging, registration fee, and other travel expenses. The member will submit a travel voucher to the Coordinator within 10 business days after the conclusion of the forum for reimbursement. Receipts will be required for some expenses. Travel rates shall follow UCD approved rates used in all other TPPC travel since 2016.
  5. Allowable travel expenses shall include those costs incurred in the use of common carriers from the point of origin to destination and return, which shall include coach airfare, baggage fee, ground transportation, parking, hotel, meals not provided by the forum sponsor.
  6. See (password for access is “TPPCmember”) for all other travel policy details and reimbursement procedures.
  7. Emergency funding request for extenuating circumstances may be considered by UCDE and the EPA Project Officer on a case-by-case basis.


  • TPPC members with authorization letters on file with UCDE are eligible to request travel funding to attend pesticide-related forums in FY2019.
  • The intent for TPPC member attendance is to support their enhanced knowledge, experience, or acquire resources at pesticide-related forums that benefit both the TPPC member and the TPPC.
  • For the purposes of this process, the terms “meetings”, “trainings”, and “forums” are interchangeable given the criteria below.
  • Attendance at relevant forums should not be for the sole purpose of membership recruitment, as this is outside of the scope of the cooperative agreement.
  • Due to the OPP funding source, the funds cannot be used to support enforcement related activity/training [e.g., not for Federal credential renewal, not for PIRTs, not for enforcement PREPs (case-by-case basis depending on the agenda)].
  • TPPC members may request funding for future events but not for events that have already occurred.
  • Accountability measures for attendance and reporting to the TPPC on meeting outcomes shall be included.
  • This process is for FY2019 and may be considered for FY2020, pending the FY2019 pilot experience and available resources.


  • The TPPC member agrees to follow the TPPC Policies & Procedures Participant Conduct Expectations at TPPC-funded forums (e.g., attend the forum in its entirety, arrive on time, be attentive, remain focused, etc.)
  • The TPPC member will deliver a brief report about the forum at a future monthly Executive Committee call, in-person biannual meeting, or via submission of a written summary of the meeting provided to the Coordinator within 30 days.
  • If the TPPC member does not abide by the TPPC Policies & Procedures Participant Conduct Expectations then this will adversely affect their consideration for future travel funding requests.


TPPC Logistical Coordinator
(530) 752-8439