In January 2016 the TPPC established a pollinator protection workgroup.

Membership: open to any tribe working on developing a tribal pollinator protection plan. Other government agencies invited to participate.

Purpose: to serve as a support network for tribes working to take actions to protect pollinators; to develop guidelines or a template for a tribal pollinator protection plan; and to raise the visibility of the challenges tribes face as they work to protect pollinators.

Format: monthly conference calls to meet for one year.

Organization: the group may organize itself as it chooses and as such will identify a chairperson to lead group activities and a secretary to assist with planning calls, taking notes, and tracking action items.

Activities: monitor the experience of each tribe as they work to develop pollinator protection plans. Document the lessons learned. Develop a clearinghouse of tribal pollinator protection resources for tribes.


Next Meeting: June 13, 2018 from 1-2:30 PM EDT
Call-In Number: 202-991-0477; Meeting ID Code: 5471071

Webinar Link:


  • Take attendance/introductions
  • Our guest speaker will be Tim Hatten of Invertebrate Ecology, Inc.  Tim will be talking about native pollinators and the importance of protecting them.  Besides running his business, Tim is also an adjunct professor at both University of Idaho and Washington State University.
  • After Tim’s presentation, Open discussion.


Disclaimer: Tim runs a business helping people understand native pollinators, but I want to make it clear that I am in no way endorsing his business. Jasmine and I asked the group about having Tim give a presentation and we got a positive response, so that’s why he is our guest. The views expressed in the webinar do not necessarily represent the views of the TPPC or EPA or the United States.


Mary Rust
TPPC Pollinator Protection Workgroup Lead
U.S. EPA, Office of Pesticide Programs
(703) 308-2718