About TPPC Membership

The TPPC Council consists of tribal representatives representing tribes or tribal organizations that have pesticide interests or concerns.  Representatives must be authorized by their tribe or tribal organization.  This necessitates them to send, to the TPPC Coordinator (Coordinator), a formal letter of appointment from a Tribal Chairman, Tribal Governor, a resolution from a Tribal Council (or similar governing body), or by a designated authority of the Tribal Council (or similar governing body).  Formal letters must be on the letterhead of the Tribe or Tribal Organization.

The TPPC is overseen by a Chairperson and Vice Chairperson. The Executive Committee consists of tribal pesticide regulatory officials or representatives elected by TPPC members.  The original goal was to have tribal representatives on the TPPC from each EPA region where federally recognized tribes exist. The following is the composition of the Executive Committee until such time the TPPC votes to change the composition:

Region 1 –            1 representative
Region 2 –            1 representative
Region 3 –            1 representative
Region 4 –            1 representative
Region 5 –            1 representative
Region 6 –            1 representative
Region 7 –            1 representative
Region 8 –            1 representative
Region 9 –            1 representative
Region 10 –          1 representative
Alaska –                 1 representative
At Large –             4 representatives

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