Tribal Pollinator Protection Plan Builder List

The purpose of the builder list is to provide managers with access to invaluable resources for building their Tribal Pollinator Protection Plan (TP3).  TP3s can be as unique as the Tribal community that is developing the plan and as simple or as complex as is needed to meet the needs of a tribal community.

This builder list provides links to web resources that can aid Tribal managers in researching basic information about pollinator protection, pollinator habitat, potential funding resources, survey tools, pollinator plants and much more.

The resource list is a portal to external websites. [Please note that the TPPC does not monitor the links to make certain they remain active.  Contact the TPPC Coordinator listed in the Contacts section if you identify a link that is no longer valid.] The portal provides a brief abstract/synopsis of each of the resource links and the type of information that is available to help managers evaluate a site before going to it.  Hopefully, this will streamline the research process by reducing time with web searches and make information readily available.